Underground Seminary


Underground Seminary is a two-year residential M.Div. program for those who sense a call to be radical advocates for the world today. It is designed to be both a transformative educational experience and an intimate, intensive, and intentional community living experience.

I am attending Underground Seminary from 2016 and graduating in 2018. 

Under this ‘Underground Seminary’ menu tab you will discover the papers I have written during my time studying for my Masters of Divinity post-grad degree.

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Seminary Papers

Paper 1 – “A Language Older Than Words” – September 2016

Paper 2 – “Escape From Wetiko” – October 2016

Paper 3 – The Ancient World & The Rise Of Agrarian Empires – November 2016

Testimony / Sermon – “Escape From Wetiko” – December 2016

Paper 4 – The Axial Age – February 2016