Various forms of interpreting the Bible:

Western Imperial (broad description)

  • Religious Confessional – the revealed Word of God – a child like faith
  • Historical-Critical – the human literary product of an ancient socio-political and religious community
    • A relatively new way of interpreting the Bible
  • New Literary
    • The danger is to reduce the Bible to just another book of literature
  • Social Science

Historical-Critical, Literary, Social Science:

  • Interpretations encountered at seminary for example
  • The danger is moving into ‘cynical religiosity’ (professionalism / scribes of the day)
  • The danger is moving into ‘agnosticism / atheism’

Interaction between Religious Confessional & Historical-Confessional


  • Embodied spirituality – would be like Confessional Religious in Western Imperial, feet on the ground
  • Informed embodied spirituality – this is where we’d like to land / become
  • Potential after entering Western Imperial would be to return to indigenous spirituality