Arctic Ride For Dreams

Coming July 1st, 2013 to November 1st, 2013:
Miami – Alaska – Nova Scotia – New England – Miami.

I will ride my Triumph Bonneville motorcycle on an interactive fundraising journey from Miami to the Arctic Circle, across Canada to Nova Scotia, and back to Miami. A total of 15,000 miles in 120 days from July 1st to November 1st, 2013.

 Click here to view the route on a Google Map.
Click here to see key dates along the route. 

Why interactive? Because through Facebook, email and comments on this web site you challenge me to vist or volunteer with charitable organizations, ask me to do something, or set a fun goal for me to attain. It’s all to raise funds and awareness for noble causes.

You do the easy part:
Challenge Me… & Pledge to Donate to a Charity… When the Challenge is Complete.

I do the difficult part:
Completing the goals and riding 15,000 miles to the Arctic Circle and back.

You get to follow the fun via GPS tracking of my progress, this web site and Facebook:

One man and his Triumph Bonneville take on the Arctic Circle.
From Miami to The Arctic Circle and back.
15,000 miles.

Proposed Route:
Miami  – Detroit, Michigan – The Great Lakes – Wisconsin – North Dakota – Minnesota – Montana –  Vancouver – Prince Rupert – Anchorage – Fairbanks – The Arctic Circle – Yukon & Northwest Territories – Edmonton, Alberta – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Thunder Bay, Ontario – Barry, Ontario – Ottawa – Montreal – Quebec – Halifax, Nova Scotia – Maine – Vermont – New Hampshire – Massachusetts – Connecticut – Delaware – New Jersey – Maryland – Washington, DC – Virginia – North Carolina – South Carolina – Georgia – Miami.

(Suggestions welcome. An interactive journey.)

The Triumph Bonneville.


How You Participate:

Send an email to:
Or make a comment on Facebook.
Or leave a comment on this web site.

1: Tell me… The Challenge/Goal you are supporting.
2: Tell me… The name of the Charity you want to sponsor.
3. Donate…. the amount you promised to when I complete the challenge.

Suggested charities and links to donate can be found here: ‘Charities/Donate’.

To find out what goals have been completed, follow on Facebook.
Or come back to this website, here: ‘Completed Goals.’ 

The total amount of money raised can be found here: ‘Pledged Funds.’

You pledge that a $5,000 donation will be given to Miami Shores Presbyterian Church if I make it to the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

You pledge that a $500 donation will be made to Urban Promise if I volunteer at the Urban Promise community center in Camden, New Jersey and photographs the children this charity helps. Post photos on Facebook.

You pledge a $50 donation will be made to the American Cancer Society if I attend a ‘Race for the Cure’ event in North America during the challenge tour.

You pledge a $100 donation to charity if I visit a relative of theirs in need and help out around the house or read a book to them, visit them in hospital or keep them company for a day or so.

“I Dream… ” Ribbons

We’re collecting 15,000 dreams– one dream for every 15,000 miles of the Miami–Arctic Tour. Let us know what your dream is. We’ll place it on a ribbon and wrap it around Miami Shores Presbyterian Church. Your dream: from you to God.

Email your dream & name to:
Or leave a “Reply” at the link below.
Or make a comment on Facebook.

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