Two weeks to go!

Exactly two weeks before I set off to the Arctic Circle from Miami. June 30th is the send-off from Miami Shores Presbyterian Church. 10am there will be the regular Sunday service and at 11am the send-off party will begin.

Follow the journey, beginning June 30th:

Listen to the recording of the Arctic Tour announcement

On April 28th, during Reverend Hallie Hottle’s sermon at Miami Shores Presbyterian Church, the tour is announced. You can listen to the announcement by clicking on the link below. Hopefully you’ll listen to the whole sermon because it’s a great one. But if sermons aren’t your thing then fast forward to 11 minutes and 35 seconds and listen from that point onward. Link:

Reverend Hallie Announces The Tour

Ride of Dreams – Official Announcement

Sunday, April 28th at Miami Shores Presbyterian Church.

8:24 am and 11 am services.

The Ride of Dreams to the Arctic Circle and back again, will receive an official announcement during both services tomorrow. The congregation will hear that we’ll all be working together to raise funds and awareness for Miami Shores Presbyterian Church and UrbanPromise International. It’s been a surreal journey up until this point and I have haven’t even set off on the journey yet. Not the physical journey anyway. The journey has already begun non-the-less. Everyone has come together to rally around the idea and I already have so many people to thank. We must all thank ourselves– because without everyone involved this idea would not have taken off as much as it has. We’re going to have a lot of fun this summer, interacting, meeting people, collecting dreams, hearing what the children of UrbanPromise dream of, tying all their dreams around the church, raising funds for two very worthy causes, uniting the Presbytery across the country, and uniting the 6 UrbanPromise cities across North America. Let’s all dream together. Let’s come together.

Miami to Arctic Circle Journey Gets MSPC Endorsement

I’m very happy to announce another milestone in the tour has been reached with the official thumbs up from Miami Shores Presbyterian Church.

“Months ago a parishioner came to Pastor Hallie with an idea. He wanted to ride his motorcycle from Miami to the Arctic Circle and back. Along the way, he’d work and raise money for various organizations, all through social media. She told him he was crazy, but that most great ideas are a little crazy. Now he can’t turn back. Andrew Smith is going to ride his motorcycle 15,000 miles. He’s going to accomplish one of his dreams, meet people, and change how we do ministry. And Miami Shores Presbyterian Church couldn’t be more excited to support him in doing this.”

“I Dream…” Ribbons

“What’s your next step? I don’t know for sure, because for everyone it’s different, but I bet it involves choosing something that already lights you up. Something you already think is beautiful or lasting and meaningful. Pick something you aren’t just able to do; instead, pick something you feel like you were made to do and then do lots of that. You weren’t just an incredible idea that God never got around to making. The next step happened for the world when God dropped you on the planet. You’re here and I’m here. God decided to have us intersect history, not at just any time, but at this time. He made us to be good at a few things and bad at a couple of others. He made us to love some things and not like others. Most of all, He made us to dream. We were meant to dream a lot. We’re not just a cosmic biology experiment that ended up working. We’re part of God’s much bigger plan for the whole world. Just like God’s Son arrived here, so did you. And after Jesus arrived, God whispered to all of humanity… “It’s your move.” Heaven’s been leaning over the rails in the same way ever since you got here, waiting to see what you’ll do with your life.”Bob Goff, “Love Does”

We’re collecting 15,000 dreams– one dream for every 15,000 miles of the Miami–Arctic Tour. Let us know what your dream is. We’ll place it on a ribbon and wrap it around Miami Shores Presbyterian Church. Your dream: from you to God.

Email your dream & name to:
Or leave a “Reply” at the link below.
Or make a comment on Facebook.

Tour of Dreams: Miami to the Arctic Circle

I will ride my Triumph Bonneville motorcycle on an interactive fundraising journey from Miami to the Arctic Circle, across Canada to Nova Scotia, and back to Miami. A total of 15,000 miles in 120 days from July 1st to November 1st, 2013.

 Click here to view the route on a Google Map.

Why interactive? Because through Facebook, comments on this blog and by email you will sponsor me to visit charitable organizations, volunteer and challenge me to do certain actions, all to raise funds and awareness for a selection of noble causes. You do the easy part: Challenge …. Pledge …. Donate. I do the leg work. And you get to follow the fun via Facebook and blog updates.
Click here to follow the tour on Facebook.

How You Can Participate in the Tour of Dreams:

Send an email to:
Or make a comment on Facebook.
Or leave a comment on this web site.

1: Tell me… The Challenge/Goal you are supporting.
2: Tell me… The name of the Charity you want to sponsor.
3. Donate…. the amount you promised to when I complete the challenge. 

Suggested charities and links to donate can be found here: ‘Charities/Donate’.

To find out what goals have been completed, follow on Facebook.
Or come back to this website, here: ‘Completed Goals.’ 

The total amount of money raised can be found here: ‘Pledged Funds.’

You pledge that a $5,000 donation will be given to Miami Shores Presbyterian Church if I make it to the Arctic Circle in Alaska.

You pledge that a $500 donation will be made to Urban Promise if I volunteer at the Urban Promise community center in Camden, New Jersey and photographs the children this charity helps. Post photos on Facebook.

You pledge a $50 donation will be made to the American Cancer Society if I attend a ‘Race for the Cure’ event in North America during the challenge tour.

You pledge a $100 donation to charity if I visit a relative of theirs in need and help out around the house or read a book to them, visit them in hospital or keep them company for a day or so.

The Triumph Bonneville.

Polar Bottle benefits Conservacion Patagonica

Recently Polar Bottle went on the hunt for photographs of Patagonia to place on their bottles. Money raised from the sale of a special edition, ecologically-friendly bottle will benefit Conservacion Patagonica. While my photograph won a competition to become the label of the new bottle, Polar Bottle decided to use a graphic illustration of the Patagonian flag. I’ve seen the mock-up and it’s beautiful. The special edition benefit bottles go on sale next month in stores across the nation.

Below is a mock-up of the special edition Polar Bottle with my photograph on it. For more information about Polar Bottle visit: For more information about Conservacion Patagonica visit:

Photo of the Day

Perito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia

On Perito Moreno Glacier, photograph by Andrew Hayward Smith

Perito Moreno Glacier is found in Argentina, located in the Los Glaciares National Park. The glacier is 97 square miles (250 sq km) and measures 19 miles (30 km) in length. Additionally, the glacier measures 3 miles (5 km) wide with a total ice depth of 558 feet (170 m). The deepest part of the glacier measures 2,297 feet (700 m). Perito Moreno Glacier is one of three Patagonian glaciers that is not retreating. This ice field accounts for the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. The glacier is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of South America.

Adversity is good

Adversity is Good

The TEDTalks video below is an emotional 21-minute presentation by Aimee Mullins. It is inspiring. How we choose to look at the world defines how we proceed through it.

Is adversity good or is it bad? Aimee challenges us.

Aimee Mullins is an athlete, actress, model. Born with a medical condition that resulted in both her lower legs being amputated. She went on to be a force in the world.

Aimee’s presentation reminds us how we view the world, and the words we choose to speak, can change the world dramatically.

Photo of the Day

Grandfather Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina, photograph by Andrew Hayward Smith.

A group of travelers rests and takes in the view from the summit of 5,946-foot Grandfather Mountain. They cross the mile-high swing bridge to the summit, listen to wind singing through the bridge’s cable lines, and reach Calloway Peak– the highest point along the Blue Ridge Escarpment. If you want to visit Grandfather Mountain, visit their website for more information: